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WebEx Meetings on Android mutes media audio on bluetooth connect

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Several weeks ago I noticed that whenever my android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) makes a bluetooth media connection to my car or my portable speaker the bluetooth media volume changes to 0.  I finally setup a fully repeatable process and discovered that it is the WebEx Meetings application causing the problem.  If I've started a WebEx meeting and then exited the application, it remains running in the background.  Then, when I connect my device via bluetooth to listen to music or an audiobook, the volume drops to 0.  Using the application 'Bluetooth Volume Control'  I can visually watch the audio get changed from level 15 to level 0 when bluetooth connects.  If I 'Force Stop' WebEx Meetings, the problem immediately goes away.   I've uninstalled WebEx Meetings and proven that it is the culprit. 


How can I get WebEx Meetings to stop muting audio on EVERY bluetooth media connection? 

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I have a similar issue.  Whenever I start a Webex meeting all Bluetooth audio is muted.  The difference is the muting does not appear anywhere in the system.  I have Windows 10 with Bluetooth earbuds (4 different models tried).  Before I even connect audio the earbuds are muted.  After I connect using computer the BT mic works but still no audio on my end.

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I was plagued with this on my Pixel 2 XL for nearly 2 years. Had no idea what was wrong or where to look. Then I bought a Pixel 4 XL and had no issues up until I finally got around to installing the WebEx Meet app for the first time. Immediately started getting this problem again. For a while, I tried to just live with it lowering my volume, so I'd increase the volume of the car stereo, but eventually the volume will reset itself back to full and deafen me. Uninstalling the app seems to have fixed the issue.

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