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WebEx on Android?

With iPhone/iPad and Blackberry supported are there any plans to release an app for the Android OS?


Cisco Employee

The mobile team is reviewing other platform support.  Thank you for the feedback.

I'd like to second this request. My company made Android our common mobile platform in January. We've moved our Blackberry,

iPhone, E71 and feature phone users onto a selection of Android based devices.

Our Sales & Marketing teams are now evaluating WebEx and a number of other solutions. A native Android app would could tip the

balance in WebEx's favor.


So I see this from Cisco today:

So how about that WebEx client for Android?

The plan is to have WebEx on Cius, which is an Android device.  We will leverage this effort to make the WebEx client available on other Android devices.

6 months, and still no movement on this? that's disappointing... meanwhile the Android market is taking off -

Don't forget who your clients are. We, with your help make your business thrive so It would be nice to get a little bit more of a substantive answer than "Thank you for your input". How about a WebEx meeting inviting us to see where you're headed with Android support (road map, futures...).

"Thanks for your concern with our issues"

Salvatore Nestor

InTheCloudTek, LLC

I second the above. This should be priority 1 for Cisco's Mobile team.

Don't hold your breath for the Android client. Note this thread was started last april so it's closer to a year without one. It;s just been six months since Cisco announce an Android solution tied to a particular piece of Cisco hardware.

With the Android OS model Cisco can control the hardware too, so they will. We'll see the Cius tablet on Verizon this spring but I'll eat my hat if there aren't "Too many issues" dealing with all the various flavors & platforms of Android to see freely available Andriod client.

This is what happens when a hardware company buys a SaaS company. They know hardware so they look for all possible ways to bring the software into their hardware while the SaaS program dies. Tough cookies if all you ever wanted was the software.

Go ahead Cisco and prove me wrong -- I would truly love you to do so -- Let me see you do something, anything with WebEx that isn't tied to some peice of hardware you're hawking.


Gregory, Mark, Salvatore, and Noel,
Appreciate the valuable feedback and interest in WebEx on Android.  We’re definitely aware of the flourishing growth of the Android market (and appreciate you sharing that article for the broader community visitors’ benefit) and our product teams have been busy. 
If you all can hold on for just a very short amount of time more, then we’ll post some welcome news.  You can imagine that for legal reasons, we are a bit restrained about what we can share on a public forum.   It’s frustrating for us, too. 
If you can’t wait for our post then please reach out to your Cisco account team or Cisco partner.  Or if you are part of our Collaboration User Group (CUG) program then go ahead and post a question into our Private Collaboration User Group space.  Since all CUG members have signed Non Disclosure Agreement then we can be more forth-coming regarding roadmap.    There is also a December 16th CUG NDA briefing replay that has some information about the roadmap.  And we encourage you to attend the Feb 23 CUG NDA briefing on Cisco Mobile Applications for more information on this topic, and to ask your questions within an NDA-required environment.   For those reading that aren’t part of the user group, you can learn more and join here (open to Cisco partners and customers only).   
I know I’ve not given you the direct answer you’ve sought, but soon will be able to and in the meantime encourage you to reach out through your Cisco account team, Cisco partner, or the CUG. 

Mark Gervase

Collaboration Marketing Manager


I mentioned the other day that it would only be a little more time before I could answer the question. WebEx for Android is here.

See the announcement in this community:

Mark Gervase

Collaboration Marketing

Well, I must say that I really like the WebEx app on Android - I just don't like the lack of support that's available for it.

Do you have any idea how/if it's possibe to raise your hand during a meeting?  I'm using WebEx for a class, and that's a pretty pivotal function.

Hi Kim,

I'm glad you like the app. Thanks for sharing!

Sorry that you're frustrated with the level of support. Have you tried

As to the question about the "raise hand" feature, it does not appear to be a part of this first version of the Android app. Its a great point you make about how important that feature is for a class environment. I'll make sure you're feedback gets to the engineering team for consideration in a future release.

Thanks for the feedback!


Collaboration Marketing


Is there a way for the WebEx app to access the speakerphone?  Currently the audio is only in the ear speaker and I would like to look at the screen and listen at the same time.  Other apps access the speakerphone and other websites play video/audio through the speakerphone.  Perhaps a choice of audio outputs like on the web app.



   It's my understanding that the WebEx Android client currently does not utilize the speakerphone capabilities of the Android device, however, if you use regular voice instead of VoIP, you can in fact choose to use the speakerphone functionality of the device or you could use a BlueTooth headset for the audio (non VoIP) as well.

Salvatore Nestor

InTheCloudTek, LLC

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