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WebEx Productivity Tools for Mac Outlook 2013

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Hi.  I am wondering when the productivity tools will be supported with Mac Outlook 2013.  Thanks.

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So it looks like WBS30 was released a few weeks ago, meaning WBS31 must be next.     I'm starting to wonder though - its nearly 1 year since this thread was started.   El Capitan OS X is soon to be released as well, hoping this doesn't become the next excuse.  

I had always thought Cisco was fairly progressive in its support for Macs in the enterprise.    Now I'm wondering if Microsoft's next Office for Mac will be out before these productivity tools.

Its a good thing we still have Lync at work.  

Its now September and we still don't have any clue when this is coming out?

Can someone please give us a timeline or just let us know you're not going to support Macs anymore?

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Actually if you read the Microsoft press release they are launching Outlook now and the remaining components of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Mac will launch in the second half of 2015. This is Outlook 2015 and has been released early as part of Microsoft continuous updates in Office 365.

Quote: "Continuing our commitment to our valued Mac customers, we are pleased to disclose the roadmap for the next version of Office for Mac—including Word for Mac, Excel for Mac, PowerPoint for Mac and OneNote for Mac."

What is missing in the quote is Outlook as they have already released it!

We also have significant users on Office 365 with Macs and now WebEx is very difficult to use!

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Are the Mac productivity tools still on track for Q1? We're getting ready to deploy CWMS 2.5 to 3000 staff members. We need that software.

So far, we only have the plan for Mac Productivity Tools for WebEx Cloud users. Due to other higher priority tasks and our limited resource, we have to postpone the support of new Mac Outlook into a release in later Q1 or Q2 earlier.

So there is no timeline for CWMS support at all?

I also would like a bit more transparency around the expected timeline here.   its as if Cisco believes Macs are not worthy of support, like we're still in the 80s or something and the business world uses only Windows devices.

What can be higher priority than supporting the client I'd bet most Mac users in the enterprise are using today?  

It does not give me a warm fuzzy for other Cisco products or services when something like this just slips by with no real attention.     I'd like to see this issue escalated and get some focus so we're not half way through 2015 still playing this game.

put me on the list of people waiting as well.  I can tolerate a little delay due to testing and such, but it really seems like Cisco had no clue that Outlook was being released and therefore started the development process post release.  Then, it's a year after the fact before the tool gets implemented, which is very frustrating for us users.

Here is what will help those of us waiting.  I believe the new Outlook supports Exchange 2010 SP1 on-prem and higher.

I believe Cisco uses Exchange on-prem.

See where I'm going with this?   Doesn't seem to matter they have a large number of customers that need this, but I have no doubt now that it will work for them we'll see an update soon.    At the very least with more enterprises now able to run it, we should see more pressure on them.

If not I'm going to start wishing we'd stuck with Lync.   I never thought I'd see the day when Microsoft is quicker at releasing Mac updates than a company like Cisco.    I floors me we've been waiting this long.

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Any update on this issue with an estimated date?

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Add me as well to the Mac users list.  The business world is shifting and Windows doesn't dominate things like it used to.  I see more and more business travelers with a Mac now as opposed to just 3-4years ago.

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Please add me to the list of folks awaiting this as well.

Please, add me as well to the Mac users list. THX

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Due to tech limitations, we got some obstacles to bring PT on new Mac OL. So far the team has some progress on the research result. And we'll update all as long as we get solid plan to bring it alive on new Mac OL.


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