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WebEx recording playback for Mobile Devices?

How can the user playback a recorded webex clip (server recording) on the mobile devices? If that feature doesn't exits, please explain about whether they are in the future road map.


I am also interested in this functionality.



Cisco Employee

Playback using the WebEx Mobile apps is on the roadmap for later this year. The first dependency is that the file format of the NBR (Network Based Recording) file format change from the proprietary to MP4.  This new format is available for Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) meeting types now and soon to be available in the Centers meeting types.  However, although the functionality has not yet been developed into the Mobile app a user can still playback a downloaded MP4 file recording using their mobile device.  The recording will play the audio and shared content.  This is not considered 'supported' by WebEx as it does not use the mobile app to do so.

Thank you Maureen for the reply! 

Now mid-2016 and still no support for playback of recordings on mobile devices.  Is there any hope?

I share your frustration - it's is coming though - here are the latest release notes showing this will be available very very soon

Jeff, yes!!  I am happy to to say, Yes!!!

The NBR (Network Based Recording) file format has changed from the proprietary to MP4 starting with WBS31.5. It in not dependent on the WebEx mobile app version.




Sorry to hijack this thread but any update to this post

WebEx Mobile Feature Summary

Hi Maureen,

I've been around and around with WebEx support people all day, both via online chat and on the phone, and I was shoked that the first 3 had no knowledge of the Aug. 4 WBS 31.5 service pack upgrade. I had to send them the WebEx July 21 email notification. And none of them understood the issue I was bringing to them of the NBR file format being changed from the proprietary to MP4 starting with WBS31.5. Pretty dismaying to say the least.

Anyway, though the WBS31.5 upgrade happened on my site, the NBR are still not playable on iPhone. I still get the same

"WebEx recording not viewable on this mobile device" page and warning as before.

Any news or words of encouragement?

Thank You.

David B.


Quite contrary to what some have posted previously, the August 4 WebEx Service Pack update 31.5 does NOT change the NBR (Network Based Recording) from proprietary to MP4. After spending literally an entire day dealing with numerous WebEx tech support people, they finally informed me that the MP4 recordings feature is ONLY for CMR enabled sites. There was no mention at all of this on the 31.5 upgrade email notification sent out on July 21. It stated unequivocally that ALL CISCO WEBEX CENTERS would have MP4 enabled streamed recordings for playback on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

After this misleading and horribly disappointing fiasco, and after years of begging by me and countless others for WebEx to make it so that their recordings could automatically playback on mobile devices, I am seeking a replacement for WebEx that I've used for over 5 years.

Best Wishes to All

David B.

Cisco Employee

Hi David,

We apologize for this confusion and understand your frustration and disappointment.  Please allow me to explain further the details about the MP4 format.

It is correct that the August 4 WebEx Service Pack update 31.5 does NOT change the NBR (Network Based Recording) from proprietary to MP4 format.   That 31.5 communication was to alert users that our MP4 files are now compatible for playback on mobile devices. 

Currently for MP4 based NBR, the WebEx Meeting Center host has to be assigned CMR privileges to get MP4 format.  It is the CMR technology that enables MP4 format for WebEx NBR. 

CMR Cloud was included at no additional charge with WebEx Meeting Center as of May 2, 2016 for customers contracts on Cisco’s SaaS subscription ordering platform.   Typically, partners are moving customers to this at renewal time.  However, there is a migration option that allows the customer’s contract to be moved from current billing system to the new SaaS subscription platform.  The partner that sold the customer WebEx would have to initiate this process.  Ordering platform migration does not impact the site’s users or the WebEx site.  It is only an ordering change.  Once on the SaaS Subscription platform, all hosts get CMR Cloud at no extra charge and would be provided MP4 based NBR.   Since not all customers are on SaaS subscription platform, we cannot assume that everyone has CMR and MP4 capabilities. 

That being said, as the WebEx Mobile Technical Marketing Engineer I have received the inquiry for a long time, and I too have been looking forward to this ability as well. My last response in the community on the subject came more from pure excitement to be able to say, “Yes, it’s here!!”.  This response without the details of course was not intended to be misleading, but without including the details I see has caused you time and frustration. For that I personally apologize.

We appreciate your continued business and thank you for willingness to engage in the community.  Please let me know if there is anything further that I personally can do to assist you. 

Best Regards,


Hi Mauree,

Thank you very much for your detailed and thoughtful response.

I'm quite impressed that you took the time to do that.

Yes, I was feeling very excited to think that somehow my online classes would now be accessible for playback with mobile devices.

I use the Training Center product, and I don't know if it would allow what you have described as being allowed now for Meeting Room. Honestly, I've never fully grasped why there are some features available for Meeting Room but not for Training Center, since Training Center is a more costly and robust product.

I was determined to find a workaround that would allow me to

make my WebEx recordings playable on mobile devices, and I did come up with one, that is very time consuming to format, in the last 48hrs, but I so look forward to the day when my Training Center students and customers with mobile devices can simply click on the streaming link to a WebEx recording and have it play back. I can only imagine that many other WebEx users are clamoring for this.

Again, thank you very much for your reply.


David Briscoe

Sent from my iPhone

Greetings Maureen,

I'm a new WebEx user/administrator and this is my first post. I have switched our company from Adobe Connect to the Event Center 500, mainly due to cost savings.  We have a Learning Management System (LMS) that's tied to our WebEx account with over 50 webinar recordings in MP4 format.

I'm obviously interested in the ability for mobile device users to play our MP4 recordings, and didn't realize that WebEx was not supporting these devices. I currently have Service Version 31.4 and read the details regarding version 31.5, specifically, the statement below, which applies to all center types.  However, I'm confused.  The first sentence states that MP4 recordings are now available for playback on mobile devices, but then the second sentence states that MP4 recordings are only available for Meeting Centers that support CMR.

  • Mobile Streamed Recording Playback
  • Streamed MP4 meeting recordings are now available for playback on Apple iPhones and iPads and on Android devices. MP4 meeting recordings are available only for Meeting Center meetings that support joining from video systems (formerly referred to as “CMR Cloud meetings”). Meeting recordings in WebEx Advanced Recording Format (ARF) are not yet available for playback on mobile devices.

Could you clarify this paragraph for me?  Essentially, I need to know if my MP4 recordings in Event Center will be playable on Android and iOS devices, if I switch to version 31.5.

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,

James Alvis

Hi James,

Thank you for using WebEx! I am the Product Manager at Cisco WebEx and responsible for the recording feature, hoping to give a simpler version of what Maureen posted see if it helps! 

If your recordings are in MP4 format, they can be played back on Android and iOS devices on WebEx version 31.5 and beyond.

Currently MP4 format WebEx meeting recordings are only available in Meeting Center with CMR-Cloud enabled. MP4 format recordings are not yet available on meetings hosted in Event Center or Training Center.

I hope this clarifies your questions. Please share if you have any follow up questions.

Karen Huang

Product Manager @Cisco WebEx

Hello Karen,

I appreciate the information. My understanding is that I can upload playable MP4 files, but can not create them in Event Center (which is what I have). If this isn't correct let me know.

Since my orginal post, our WebEx site has been upgraded to version 31.5, which should provide mobile device users the ability to play MP4 files. I tested this ability (8/22/2016) on the latest iphone (iOS) and Samsung S7 (Android) and neither device would play the MP4 files stored in "My Event Recordings".  Instead, I receive the following message:

  • Cannot play video.
  • Sorry, this video cannot be played

These are the exact same files that were originally hosted on Adobe Connect, and were playable on phones and tablets.  I'm including a link to the MP4 file that was used in the above scenario. I really hoping that you can shed some light on the situation.

One other issue with the MP4 files stored on WebEx: When using the Google Chrome browser, you are unable to "seek", i.e. unable to move the recording slider bar.  Any such attempt will cause the video to start over again, which is extremely frustrating.  At first, I thought this was a result of Chrome's new HTML5 media player, except that MP4 files on other websites allow the user to advance or "rewind" the recording.

Thanks for your assistance!

Jim Alvis

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