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WebEx recording playback for Mobile Devices?

How can the user playback a recorded webex clip (server recording) on the mobile devices? If that feature doesn't exits, please explain about whether they are in the future road map.

Eric Young

Bump on this item. Long since time to move away from proprietary codecs and file formats.

Need full portability and mobility of content, regardless of platform (HTML5???).

One idea that should be stupidly simple:  when the first request arrives from a mobile device for a server-recorded file, simply convert the file server-side to MP4 and store it from that time forward for subsequent mobile requesters.  Once converted, stream (or allow local download) the resulting file.



Hey! It is now late 2017 - what about this roadmap item? Is WebEx a dead product, Cisco reaping the last income with minimal effort here? Will cheaper and more modern tools progress and eventually leave WebEx to die the tech death we all fear? Or can Cisco find some resources to reengage with the code stack and lift this into modern technology?

Imagine how much recording everybody have to catch up to, and to be able to download off line recordings for in flight replay on ipad / iphone would give back to the user community instead of spending late evenings at home to catch up a travel day's worth of missed meetings. I love WebEx and would really like to see it back on a modern roadmap path. Please reconsider ios / android replay for recordings!

This feature is here today. You can do MP4 recording with or without CMR. You can then play MP4 file on mobile. In addition in the latest train 32. something (I always forget) you can also get an option to download the MP4 with the speaker video which takes more space as an option

Playback to mobile is an available feature already. It required the recording format to be changed to MP4.

Are you referring to another aspect of this capability?


I can't find the option to choose the recording format. Tried with both Mac and Windows. We are mostly using Training Center. The site is

Hi Tommi,

Training Center recording in MP4 format is on the roadmap. That's why it is in ARF format only.

Well, since nothing happened in the last three years we all moved to Zoom by now. This is what happens if you just ignore customer requests and put zero effort in improving - someone else will step up and have your lunch.. Never saw a message "We don't like the device you're currently using, please go back to your PC" using Zoom.


I see that there are over 35,000 views on this thread. I, too, have this problem. I know how to download the .arf, open it and convert it to .mp4, and then re-upload to some place which is mobile-friendly. It's time consuming, it's very redundant, and now that we're all working remotely, it's proving to be a significant barrier. Our resources are already run thin.


It's disappointing to see this discussion has such an old timestamp, but it's still such necessary functionality to have, particularly because we paid to upgrade our storage limits so we could minimize the work to get our recordings out there. I just need to be able to play streaming recorded webinars on any device. If my users need to download a special app to play a recording, I'm losing users, and they're missing content! 


Please, please consider moving away from .arf files and switching to the more universal .mp4 when recording. (for TC first!... but also MC)

The first paragraph of the link provide (which I've already read, and we already do) says: "Webex recording files (.ARF) cannot be played on mobile devices. The .ARF file must be converted to the .MP4 format before it can be played on mobile devices."


What I am looking for, in TC (and also MC; both should really be combined with ways to turn off unneeded options), is to have a straightforward way of linking to an .mp4 hosted on Webex, converted behind the scenes at Webex. This solution is time consuming to the end user, and that could be alleviated by their prioritization of coding projects.

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