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Webex with Logitech C920 blurry

Hello community! I have just taken over a video collaboration room and have been tasked with addressing the video quality. We use Webex and 2 Logitech C920 cameras and the results are blurry. When watching the webinar everyone else is clear except for the presenter which is the most important person. Also when we save the export it only saves it as a thumbnail size which is almost unviewable and we would like high def full screen output

I am leaning towards it being the ultrabook that is attached to the camera and running webex but again am new and may be way off base. It is a Dell 7370 Ultrabook that is being used. I do not see it having much for a processor or any video card at all for capturing the webex meeting in high def. Could this be the issue? And do you have any recommendations for hardware specs to solve the recording and video quality issues. We do not have network issues and are hard wired at all times.


Any advice you have would  be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Webex with Logitech C920 blurry

I use a c920 on my MacBook everyday and the image quility is fine. I'd checK all drivers and maybe try the camera on another PC just to test. If that's poor maybe try a different camera just to test.

There is a status icon in the top right of WebEx that will let you know if there are system processor issues.
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Re: Webex with Logitech C920 blurry

As a simple troubleshooting step, try the Logitech camera with a PC that is not having this problem - if you con't have an issue it's likely the laptop. 

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