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When to UDS and when to use EDI in jabber for Windows

Md Hasan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In Jabber for windows jabber-config.xml file, can we conclude that UDS only to be used when call manager has SSO enabled and 8.5.1 or later?

Doc seems to be very vauge on this -

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is more of a design choice.  EDI will peform the user queries to the configured LDAP server, while UDS will perform the user queries against the UDS service on Communications Manager.

So if you want to offload the endpoint lookups for user contact information from your LDAP server, you could use UDS and the CUCM will effectively replace the direct LDAP lookups.  Though the CUCM will still need to sync with the LDAP server, but the load should be considerably less.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the response and it is a design question. But my query was for a -

"Can Call Manager work with UDS without SSO enabled"?

Couldn't find that info in ccm srnd. may be i missed it. If UDS cannot workout SSO, we should specifiy that in Jabber for Windows Doc. It would be very helpful.


Md Hasan


The two things are unrelated - it's just a matter of the client pulling the user info and searching against CUCM rather than direct against LDAP.

Whether it's SSO or not doesn't matter.


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