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Where did version 9 of Jabber change the directory property it calls from click to call?

Geordie Guy
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Level 1

Hi Folks,

We've just had a bit of a drama where an upgrade of Jabber with CUPS has made the Jabber software look at the "telephone number" directory property instead of the previous "IP phone" property.  In our directory, telephone number is the long number with area code and IP phone is the four digit short dial extension.  This has caused havoc, as well as the communications cost associated with going to the PSTN to call the next desk, inter-office phone calls are showing as the outbound number of that office instead of the extension of the agent.  In "settings for legacy clients" in CUPS there is a drop down to specify what property to use, where has that gone for 9.x?

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Aaron Ratcliffe
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