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WHY CISCO!!?!?! Why?

Why did you call it "WebEx Teams"???? All you did there was confuse the non-tech savvy end users. Here's how their inner monologue will play out:

"Which app am I supposed to use? Microsoft Teams or WebEx teams? Well now I'm late to the meeting because I couldn't figure it out, I hate this app."

That was a HORRIBLE marketing decision and just goes to prove that MS teams is winning. You can't compete so you name your product so similar it hurts. Dammit Cisco why?!


Don't be afraid. The other options were:

  • Webex 365
  • GotoWebex
  • Coom

Well played, t.svatek.


From FAQ's published related to recent Cisco Webex announcements...

Why did we select Webex Teams? Do we anticipate any confusion with Microsoft Teams?

By choosing Webex Teams, we are reinforcing "Teams" as a product category. This is similar to the product category of "Messenger" which led to Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger, Blackberry Messenger and WebEx Messenger. Teams is not brand-able product name. With the renaming of Cisco Spark to Webex Teams, we are reinforcing the product category of Teams.

Stoyan Stoitsev
Rising star

The reactions I've been gettings from customers are 100% positive with most saying that this should have been done from the very begining.

Thanks Stoyan, that's great to hear! 

For additional context: as we announced in our launch on April 18th, Cisco Webex is now the single cloud platform for Cisco Collaboration. A single cloud platform approach means that people using Webex Meetings, or those who need additional team collaboration capabilities using Webex Teams, can join the same meeting with unified participant lists, unified controls and multi-streaming video so everyone can be seen. The time was right for an evolution of our naming too and we selected a simple descriptive name for team collaboration – but our core brand continues to be Cisco Webex.


As soon as the app is rolled out it updates automatically. Most of the users will not really notify as long as there are no bugs introduced with it. Maybe some have a problem that the icons change (the Spark icon was really good and easy to remember). I hope that the notification symbol on mobile devices will be clear and distinguishable enough.

The merge was inevitable, I wish it would go faster (and has started earlier). Microsoft is progressing much faster in the Teams product category - e.g. the annotation feature took more than a year to show up on the board and it's still not finished... This is more of a concern for us and our customers that have invested in devices.

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