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Will Spark be available on the Windows Phone Platform?

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Hello, I would like some Clarification and insight if Cisco Spark will be coming to Windows Phone platform as a Universal Windows Platform app, or other.

I can see that there was a beta that occurred last year for the app, but it is now gone. Will you please shed some light on these findings or detail if the application has been terminated indefinitely? Thank you for your time!

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You can download Cisco Spark mobile app for Windows phones here:

Download Cisco Spark – Mobile Team Communication

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities

Hello Kelli,

  I appreciate your response but there may be an issue with the link you sent me.

When I launch the link I get options to download for mobile (including windows phone) but after I do this it redirects me to the Google Play store so that I may download Spark for Android and not windows phone.

I have tried this on two Windows phones with the same result.

Could you please check and come back to us on this issue?

Hi Cisco Spark is not available on Windows Phones.  Supported systems are documented here Download Cisco Spark — Team communication to go.



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Sorry for the confusion - the link I provided is outdated. Ashish is correct (thank you!). Spark for Windows mobile is not available.


We can all see it's not available, but the question was "will it be available?"

Last year, Cisco told all my customers with windows phones "Don't worry that there will never be Jabber for Windows mobile, as Cisco spark will be available in hybrid services mode for these devices"

Cisco (and me) now looking very stupid...


Since you are a Cisco Partner with access to the Partner Community, I recommend you start a new thread here:


The space you have posted to is public and open to customers and potential customers. For feedback regarding product road maps and future plans, the Partner community is the best place for appropriate feedback.

I hope this helps.

Wayne DeNardi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

There was a beta available at one point in time - I did install and use it for a short while - but it was very basic and hasn't had much development (as indicated above).

A link to it, if it still works is: Cisco Spark - Microsoft Store


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