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XMPP Federation Jabber "STATUS" not working all the time


i have now some Expressway Installations up and running at customer site and mostly all have the same behavior regarding XMPP Federation. Its working fine but for any reason some users see the status as "available" first if they chat each other. It looks like a keepalive and i dont know. It seems its also different if its a MAC to WIN or a MAC to MAC or WIN to WIN Federation.

Maybe someone have the same behavior and can give a suggestion what to do.

If its working for some federations it seems its not a firewall issue. For Example:

Company X user MAC to Company Y MAC -> Working fine, all the time a status in jabber

Company X user WIN to Company Y MAC -> They need to chat each other to see status, but only for WIN client. MAC see the status of WIN Federation all the time

Any idea ?


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It may be privacy policy on

It may be privacy policy on Jabber client specifics. There is no difference between how Jabber for Win vs Mac processes the federation IM/status request.

Bascially, in all cases (win or mac) both federation end will be prompted to add the far end user at the very first initiation of presence subscription (default privacy policy in Jabber).

Once the subscription accepted, the presence, IM should work in both ways flawlessly. Most of the times, if TLS is not fully established stange one-way presence issue is seen.

Most likely this is not a port level issue (5269 Tcp from both server end) since this is intermittent.

Please check if the TLS on IM&P is set to "TLS option" with "Required client side certificate" unchecked. Or even try "No TLS" options. "XCP Router" restart will be needed (Downtime necessary for IM&P). XCP Router restart is a major service impacting process, please consider extra time on hand.


Hello Thorstenn

Hello Thorstenn

I notice a similar behaviour with my Expressway customers. I use Jabber Cloud and usually I have no issues seeing the status of my customers that are behind Expressway but some only see me when I send them a Chat, after they login and logout the presence doesn't come back until we repeat the process. Port 5269 is open in both directions. This doesn't occur to all contacts in my customers list it only happens to some.



We see the same issue with

We see the same issue with federation contacts using a private circuit to connect to.  User presence seems to timeout and will only come back once you send them an IM and they respond.  We are set to no TLS and all services were restarted.

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You actually get a warning on

You actually get a warning on that under XMPP federated connections in EXP-E

There are currently no federated connections
Federation connections are closed after 10 minutes of inactivity. Federation connections may be only one way.

I had a federated chat in my lab, now the users see each other as offline, and I no longer see any active connections in either of the EXP-E I'm using.



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