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We've updated the Context Service SDK to version 1.0.4.  This version provides improved performance and also some SDK calls. However, this requires a few changes on your part. This new version impacts you in the following ways:

  • You are no longer able to register new applications using the 1.0.2 SDK effective immediately. You must upgrade to the 1.0.4 SDK to register new applications.
  • When you switch your application to use the 1.0.4 SDK you must generate new connection data for your application by registering using the 1.0.4 SDK. Connection data registered with the 1.0.2 SDK is not valid with applications using the 1.0.4 SDK. However, your data remains accessible regardless of which version of the connection data you are using. Context Service data is not SDK version specific.
  • Applications built using 1.0.2 will only be supported until November 30, 2014. After that time no applications using the 1.0.2 SDK will be able to access Context Service. You must update your application to the 1.0.4 SDK to continue using Context Service after November 30.
  • We've removed some of the fields in the base Customer fieldset. We now suggest you create a custom fieldset that has fields for social IDs you want to associate with your customer. The fields removed from cisco.base.customer are:
    • Context_LinkedIn_ID
    • Context_Twitter_ID
    • Context_Facebook_ID

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