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I am setting up a bulk update in CUCM to add jabber phones to all my deskphone users. I have a bat phone template I adapted from one I made for desk phones and I have a user template for use with "Update Users - Custom File".  I have used the users template to associate new phones with existing users and I can adapt it to Enable the users for Presence and assign a UC Service Profile. Both templates have all the common settings and the CSV files have the phone/user specific settings. So far so good.


I found two columns for the phone CSV file called "User ID 1" and "Owner User ID" used for associations between the phone and the user. I think "User ID 1" will associate the user with the phone and "Owner User ID" will associate the phone with the user.


Am I correct?


Also, if the Users CSV file has the column "Controlled Device 1" should I leave the "User ID 1" column out of the phone CSV file? It seems like both columns do the same thing and might create a double association.

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Level 1

Hi Scott, 


It's relay strange, even i checked for you the help page and this is not included in it. i notice something when i test the export, i think User ID 1 is related to the Primary Extension of the user ( check the picture below). 





my advice to you is to test the BAT Tool with 2 new users and see the outcome before deploy it to all the users.



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Level 3

Not sure about your particular needs, but all I did on the update user bat was the user id and UC Service Profile ( I default all users to enable for IM&P and CTI Enabled/CCM End user) I associated the device on the Insert Phone batch file using User ID 1 and Owner ID 1 Just because I found it a lot easier to do on the device insert bat. As Dhyeem sugested, try on a couple of test users first.



Adnan Ansari
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you need below fields to update users .


Standard CTI Enabled


Standard CCM End Users
Standard CTI Allow Control of All Devices
Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf
Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Rollover Mode
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Level 1

Thanks Adnan, I knew I needed those access control groups and everyone already has Standard CCM End Users but had forgot to put the CTI ones in my CSV. Unfortunately, when I put them into the CSV and tested the user did not get updated with those groups. The job ran with success and reported no errors but the access control groups were not added to the user.




From some tests last night it does appear that "User ID 1" in the phone CSV and "Owner User ID" in the user CSV do the same thing. So it's probably best to choose one or the other but not both.

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