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Launch of hosted pilot for development partners

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Created by: Tod Famous on 19-05-2010 03:25:41 AM
Today we began the hosted pilot for development partners.  I have given out login credentials to a few partners and look forward to seeing some activity/feedback on the hosted system and in the tech center.  The development team is very eager to hear what you think of the solution.

We are using a new development methodology called Agile/Scrum.  This is a very different way of developing software for the Customer Contact Business Unit.  Part of the concept behind Agile is to do development in very short cycles called Sprints.  For CCP, the sprints are 2 weeks cycles.  The development team does planning and execution in these Sprints and aims to deliver a 100% bug free, fully functional product every two weeks.  How is that possible?  It's done by breaking the features into very small pieces and implementing the pieces one by one.  Over the course of the full development cycle the product will begin to take shape bit by bit.  We are in Sprint 13, and it's been a learning process but the team is hitting its stride and we are already seeing some of the benefits of this new model as we have a product that does something and can be poked much earlier then our traditional waterfall development methodology.  Likewise we can show it to external audiences, customer/partners and get feedback that can/will alter our development.  The product that we have today is far from complete, but we do believe it to be fully operational in the functions that we have implemented.

For the details of what functions are in Sprint 13, you can review wiki on this tech center:

Another critical part of Agile software development is feedback.  We will be to demonstrate the product every two weeks to a couple customers or partners and get feedback in that demo meeting (called the "Sprint Review").  We've been doing that for the last few sprints, and with today's launch of the hosted pilot we are actually turning the keys over to allow some select partners access to their own hosted system.  This gives them hands-on access to the software. Within the next few weeks, we will also begin running some hosted pilot customers using the same approach.

We're making this investment because we want feedback.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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