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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello All,

Announcing the general availability of the new and improved Context Service gadget for Finesse!

The new journey gadget can be deployed in a phased manner starting with one pilot team and expanding to the rest.

CS 2.0 UI.png

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New features and capabilities include -

  • Ability to add customer contact intent depicted by the briefcase icon. We call it the Context Service Request. This data will be stored in the cisco.base.request fieldset.
  • Improved timeline view with related interactions (chat, email, voice and other Activities) grouped by customer intents (Requests). This grouping helps agents quickly understand the count and type of interactions that happened towards fulfilling a specific customer intent. Timeline view is also chronologically grouped as Today, Last 7 days, and Older for faster date lookup.
  • Auto saves intent and interaction details entered by agents every 10 seconds. The new UI also shows the last saved date time stamp.
  • Ability to click & drag activities between open requests or to a new request. Orphaned / abandoned interactions can also be moved to the correct request.
  • Ability to move interactions across customers - Agents will be able search for customer info (account number, email, phone number, etc.), identify the right customer and move the activity.
  • Ability to capture persistent interaction notes within activities. Agent name and date time stamp is captured for tracking/audits. Comments window can be expanded/contracted for easy reading.
  • Ability to view more details of a customer, request or activities on mouse hover over the customer or the timeline icons.

We have also improved the gadget reliability, error handling and alerting to deliver a better user experience. The new gadget is supported on UCCX/PCCE/UCCE/HCS v11.5 and above.

Find out how you can enable the new and improved Context Service gadget today ->

Please leave your feedback and comments below or email them to

Cheers, Sajith

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