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Provisioning Statuses for People

Cisco Employee

Cisco Spark Organization Administrators will soon have access to two additional fields for People to determine a user’s provisioning status. When new users are invited to join Cisco Spark, an email is sent to them to continue the sign-up process. Now you will be able to determine via the People API if users have completed the sign-up process and if they are able to log into Spark.

Two new Boolean-type fields will be returned for People to represent the user’s account provisioning status:

invitePendingtrueThe user has been sent an invite, but has not completed the sign-up process
invitePendingfalseThe user has been sent an invite, and has completed the sign-up process
loginEnabledtrueThe user is not allowed to log in
loginEnabledfalseThe user is allowed to log in

These two additional read-only fields will be available when listing all People and when getting details for one person. This update will only add additional fields, and will not remove or rename any current fields.

We focus on providing you the best features and experience. If you have any support questions, feel free to reach out to us at or join the DevSupport Spark space. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated.

- Brian Bender, Technical Leader

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