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SocialMiner 8.5(2)

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Created by: David Lender on 09-06-2011 01:37:07 PM
SocialMiner 8.5(2) includes:

-Notifications - Email and IM notifications are now available. You can configure notifications to be sent through email and/or instant messaging any time a social contact is tagged with a defined tag. Email notifications support HTML tags while IM notifications are plain text.

-"Push" Feed - A new feed type is available that allows you to "push" social contacts that you create into the system. A sample form is provided to create and submit a social contact and apply tags.

-Author Filtering - A new filter is provided that allows you to filter out social contacts by author. For example, you can filter out tweets made by agents using SocialMiner so they are not brought back into the system for handling.

-Reply Template Enhancements - Twitter Reply templates now show a conversation history (if available) for the social contact being replied to. Reply templates also show the information about the author of the social contact, for example; the Twitter user's picture, description, and location.

-Disaster Recovery - SocialMiner now supports the standard Cisco Unified OS Disaster Recovery System. System backups can be done manually or scheduled for automatic backup.

-UI Enhancements - New UI enhancements in this release provide sorting and searching in the list view of many configuration gadgets. This feature allows you to navigate quickly through long lists of items to get to what you are looking for.

-System Administration Improvements - System administration has been updated to provides the status of the notification services.

release notes

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