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SocialMiner 8.5(4)

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Created by: David Lender on 29-09-2011 02:07:04 PM
Cisco SocialMiner Release 8.5(4) provides the following new features and enhancements:


SocialMiner 8.5(4) adds the Bookmarklet feature for easy creation of Twitter Search and RSS feeds. Creating a feed using the Bookmarklet ¿rather than completing the SocialMiner feed dialog box¿provides a one-click alternative for adding feeds. Once you create a feed using the bookmarklet, you can add it to a campaign and you can edit it in the Feeds gadget¿just as you would a manually-created feed.

Extension Fields

Extension fields are a collection of custom name/value pairs that can be added to the Push feed.sample code. You can include extension fields as Notification Body Variables to add social contact data to email and IM notifications.

Filter State Icons

The table on the Filters gadget now includes a State column, similar to that on the Feeds gadget. Icons in the State column show if the filter is working successfully (green), if it is not in a campaign (yellow), and if there is an error for it (red). Hover over the icons for more information.

Script Filter

This is an enhancement for developers. A new filter type¿Script Filter¿allows you to upload customer-developed Groovy scripts that modify or take an action on social contacts as they enter the system. A Script filter can integrate with external systems to leverage services such as performing translation or invoking a Klout score.  NOTE that Cisco Support and the SocialMiner Forum on the Cisco Developer Network do not assist with Groovy script issues. Please direct all troubleshooting requests to your script developer.

Twitter Account Feed¿Reauthorize and Save

When you open a Twitter Account feed in Edit mode, you now see two buttons: Save and Reauthorize and Save. A simple edit to a field requires only a Save. However, if the icon next to the feed is red and the hover text for that red icon indicates authorization issues, select Reauthorize and Save to initiate the Twitter authorization process.

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