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8.0 PG MultiLine no Callbegin Event on MakeConsultCall

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Created by: Hanspeter Widmer on 14-07-2010 09:34:55 AM
A very funny thing, I do not get any Callbegin Event on MakeConsultCall using WIN CIL / COM Server & Active Controls  8.0.11518.1 while connection to a 8.0.1 MultiLine PG...
To my suprise the given CISCO Softphone deals with consult calls (on ACD line) while running and using the same controls.
Is there a new feature / switch / argument what should be set...
Any help is welcome...

Subject: RE: New Message from Hanspeter Widmer in Computer Telephony Integration Obj
Replied by: David Lender on 14-07-2010 02:16:55 PM
Hanspeter, I am not aware of any new arguments related to receiving a
begincall on a makeconsultcall.  If you open a Service Request and post
your application's Cil and CTIOS Server logs as well as those same logs
for the CTIOS 8.0 softphone I will be happy to take a look and compare
them for you.  Be sure to specify Other for Technology and Cisco
Developer Network - Customer Contact Applications for SubTechnology.
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