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Acquire 9900 Series

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Created by: Frank Jong on 10-03-2010 09:52:12 AM
We in our testlab we tryed to acquire a 9900 series phone, but we received a Phone Error Resource Unavailable (0x9000001F). We have a CUCM and use Tapi to control the lines.
After looking at the wiki-page Supported Device Matrix, it is supposed to be supported.
Do we need the new 8.0.1 for this to work?
Frank Jong.
A little side-note: maybe enter a supported from CUCM version to the matrix?

Subject: RE: Acquire 9900 Series
Replied by: Anitha V on 11-03-2010 06:01:50 AM
Hi Frank,
Looks like 9900 series phones are supported from UCM 7.1.2 itself.
To investigate on this issue, you could raise a developer support case with cisco, with the following detials:-
--> What is the operation you are trying?
--> Apart from Phone Error Resource Unavailable (0x9000001F), are you getting any other error?
--> Were you able to see the device in App Device List?
--> Along with detailed TSP logs, with CCM SDL/SDI + CTI SDL / SDI logs.
we will work with engineering team, to include the CallManager supported version details in the CTI supported device matrix.
Thanks and Regards,

Subject: RE: Acquire 9900 Series
Replied by: David Staudt on 11-03-2010 03:54:04 PM
One thing to check: since these phones provide 'rollover' features that can't be disabled, in order to protect backward compatbility, apps must indicate they are ready to support these phones by assigning a special permission/role to the CTI user used to open the connection to UCM: <a href="">Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting
Rollover Mode</a>
Without this role, phones which support these features (69xx/89xx/99xx) will be considered restricted.
Also see the role: <a href="">Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting
Connected Xfer and conf</a>
This may also need to be added.

Subject: RE: Acquire 9900 Series
Replied by: Frank Jong on 12-03-2010 08:58:23 AM
Hi David,
Thank you for your answer. After adding the roles to our CTI application user it solved the problem.
From which version are those roles available?
And what is the impact for the CUCM if we add those roles?
Kind regard,
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