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activity log plans

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Created by: Janine Graves on 09-01-2007 03:55:19 PM
Does Audium plan to provide the same type of functionality as it is
providing with cvp 4 - ie, some method of collecting and collating all
activity log info to a database server for generating reports?

Subject: RE: activity log plans
Replied by: Vance Vagell on 09-01-2007 04:05:20 PM
Hi Janine,

Audium Call Services 3.6.x users can do this today, by creating a custom logger. Here is a rough outline of the steps involved:

1) Setup a database server, such as MySQL. Create the desired database/table structure to support your reports, and create a user with appropriate access privileges.

2) Create a custom logger that logs events to the database you just created. For a developer familiar with our Java API and database programming, this is a fairly simple task. For details on creating custom loggers, please refer to our Programmer Guide.

3) In Audium Studio, configure each of your voice apps to use the custom logger you created in step 2. This can be configured from within the application properties (right-click on the app in the Navigator view and choose [b:3861c84adc]Properties[/b:3861c84adc]).

4) Deploy the voice apps and the custom logger class to Call Services.

Now, when the voice apps log information, it will be stored in the database you have configured and in the format you desire. You could then either use the database directly to generate reports, or you could create a tool that pulls the desired information out of the DB (perhaps periodically) and generates a report. This opens up many possibilities, such as creating a utility that monitors the logging database to allow admins to watch log activity in real time.

Should you have further questions about how such a solution could be implemented, please let us know and we would be glad to provide additional detail.

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