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Agent Login not working

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Created by: Ammar Ahmed on 11-11-2009 12:12:52 PM
I am writing an application which logins and logouts an agent using CTI OS .NET.
Problem is that I can't login the agent, but if agent is logged in using some other app like Agent-Desktop, then my application is able to logout that agent and recieve different events. So problem is only related to Agent Login. I am unable to receive any eAgentStateEvent event or eControlFailureConf.
here is what I am doing.
I get unique object ids for agent object from eQueryAgentStateConf event, store it for future use.
For Login, I use this unique object id to retrieve CAgent object and then set different parameters required and call Login. Login function returns OK but agent is not logged in neither my app receives any events for agent state or failure.
For event subscritption
 messageValue.Append((int)EventID.eAgentStateEvent).Append(", ");
 messageValue.Append((int)EventID.eQueryAgentStateConf).Append(", ");
For Agent Login [agent id and passwd are same]

if (cAgent.IsAgent())
                        cAgent.GetValueString(Enum_CtiOs.CTIOS_AGENTID, out strAgentUniqueID);
                        AgentArgs.SetValue(Enum_CtiOs.CTIOS_AGENTID, strAgentUniqueID);
                        AgentArgs.SetValue(Enum_CtiOs.CTIOS_AGENTPASSWORD, strAgentUniqueID);
                        string strAgentName = strAgentUniqueID;
                        AgentArgs.SetValue(Enum_CtiOs.CTIOS_AGENTNAME, strAgentName);
                        AgentArgs.SetValue(Enum_CtiOs.CTIOS_AGENTINSTRUMENT, nAgentExtStart.ToString());
                        CilError error = cAgent.Login(AgentArgs);


Subject: RE: New Message from Ammar Ahmed in Computer Telephony Integration Object S
Replied by: David Lender on 11-11-2009 03:46:26 PM
Are you setting agent mode before the login?  The login request should
be in the OnSetAgentModeEvent.
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