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Alternatives to TAPI

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Created by: Line Christa Amanda Sorensen on 25-01-2010 08:53:59 AM
The 64-bit issue is quite important to us, so we've decided to look for alternatives. Not being an expert on Cisco technologies i decided to ask the forum.
What are the alternatives to TAPI if our needs are basic call control and device monitoring on a CallManager?
Are the alternatives different on CM Express Edition? I've heard that the TAPI version is somewhat limited.  
Thanks in advance

Subject: RE: Alternatives to TAPI
Replied by: David Staudt on 25-01-2010 02:56:12 PM
Java JTAPI is the only alternative to TAPI for UCM.  AFAIK Cisco is not yet performing formal testing on 64-bit with JTAPI - status would be "should work" but likely any defects specific to 64-bit platforms could not be addressed until formal support is committed.
Info on your TAPI 64-bit requirements might help us prioritize support - specific details (size of deployment, # of Cisco phones, business impact) most helpful.
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