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C40's, HD Precision 1080 cameras and Presets integration questions

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Created by: Peter Nevai on 21-05-2013 11:16:50 AM
Allrighty Then, Here is one to ponder on sleepless nights. I have some divisable rooms that share a common codec (C40) We have 3 HD precision 1080p 12X cameras daisychained to cover the rooms when divided and combined. When the rooms are in the segragated mode and one side takes control of the Codec the other room no longer has access to any control or video feed from the side with the VTC session. This is accomplished via creative touch panel control. The problem is that people in the room that does not have access to the codec and by extension the cameras are being very much alarmed when the HD camera in thier room start moving around. This is particularly true when a Codec Preset is selected by the room which has control of the codec. My question is as follows. Is there a means of selecting specific cameras to be included in the recorded preset, so the cameras not relevent to that preset do not move or indicate operation in any fashion? The video from the cameras are routed through a matrix switch so non participating room never see the camera feeds but the RS-232 control is connected directly to the codec. We were thinking that we would remove power to any cameras not participating in the conference this would certainly prevent any activity from those selected cameras. Is there a issue removing and restoring 12v power from daisy chained cameras?
How is the camera addressing handled, I have found no information on how to assign a specific address to any of the HD precision Cameras. It is clear that cameras in a daisy chain are addressed in some fashion as the command require you to open the camera command with an address (8x).
The requirement is to prevent any activity on any HD Precision 1080 camera that is not considered part of the active Video conference. Ideally this would be either to restrict commands to selected cameras in the daisy chain connected to the codec or by removing power selectively from certain cameras. We already have a solution for removing and restoring power to selected cameras but want to know if this is an acceptable solution for daisy chained cameras. We would also like input on excluding cameras from preset settings on the C40.

Subject: RE: C40's, HD Precision 1080 cameras and Presets integration questions
Replied by: Jonas Tysso on 22-05-2013 02:53:32 AM
Hi Peter,
It sounds like you can achieve what you want using camera specific presets and changing the standby wakeup action to none. Presets can be stored in two ways, either as a set of presets that will be activated for all cameras when recalled, or as a single camera spefic preset. The former method is the one that is used by the remote control and touch panel, but if you use the xAPI you have access to the latter. The two methods are described below.  
1 xCommand Preset Store
PresetId(r): <1..15>
Type(r): <All/Camera>
Description:  <S: 0, 255>
This stores the position of all connected cameras and assigns the position to a preset id and a description. This is the position for wake up from sleep and far end cam control. All camera positions are recalled when preset is executed. 
2 xCommand Camera Preset Store
PresetId: <1..35>
CameraId: <1..7>
ListPosition: <1..35>
Name: <S: 0, 255>
This can store the position for cameras independently using camera ids.  The camera Id works such that the first camera in the chain is Id 1, the second Id 2 etc.
In order to prevent the cameras from moving around upon boot and when returing from standby you can modify the bootaction and wakeupaction presets:
xConfiguration Standby BootAction: None (or any preset)
xConfiguration Standby WakeupAction: None (or any preset)  
Hope this helps,

Subject: RE: C40's, HD Precision 1080 cameras and Presets integration questions
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 22-05-2013 03:56:17 AM
To add to Jonas' answer - if you already have the positions for all cameras stored correctly in presets and you want to use them there is another option:
xCommand Camera PositionActivateFromPreset
    CameraId(r): <1..7>
    PresetId(r): <1..15>

This command allows you to recall a camera position for a selected camera from one of the stored presets.
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