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C60 support 3 Camera?

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Created by: Wilson Chan on 04-04-2011 09:27:39 AM
Dear All
   I would like to know , could C60 support 3 1080HD Camera( Tandberg) without any central Control such as AMX. however , i still want to use presentation function. Could i use input 2, DVI interface as a camera channel and HDMI as another camera channel. ? Please help if you are convenience. Thanks!

Subject: RE: C60 support 3 Camera?
Replied by: Jonas Tysso on 04-04-2011 10:09:49 AM
Hi Wilson,

Yes, you can connect a 3rd camera to the the DVI interface, and the control can be done without any external control interface.

The Cisco C60 has 4 HD + 1 SD video inputs. That means it will support 3 PrecisionHD 12x Camera inputs in addition to a presentation source. You will have to use two daisy chain cables and power supplies to interconnect the cameras and be able to control them from the C60. 



Subject: RE: C60 support 3 Camera?
Replied by: Jonas Tysso on 04-04-2011 02:42:52 PM
Just wanted to add some extra information: If you want to connect 3 cameras and a presentation source to the 4 HD inputs, be aware that the HDMI 2 and DVI 2 ports share the same input, so in order to switch between the two ports you will have to change the connector type for video input 2 between HDMI and DVI using the command

xconfiguration Video Input Source 2 Connector: <DVI/HDMI>

or by navigating to Advanced Config -> Video -> Input -> Source 2 -> Connector -> <DVI/HDMI> using the remote.

You will only be able to use 3 active inputs at a time.


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