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c90 overscan problem ?

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Created by: Bret Wittmann on 20-08-2010 09:53:27 PM
We have noticed black bars around the computer image even when setting the output to the native resolution of the projector. Changing the input resolution does not get rid of the problem and we have set the overscan to "none". Have you seen this issue before?

Subject: RE: c90 overscan problem ?
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 27-08-2010 11:18:55 AM
Hi Bret,
no this doesn't ring a bell unfortunately. What does the xstatus Video Input and xconfiguration Video Output show?


Subject: RE: c90 overscan problem ?
Replied by: Bret Wittmann on 27-08-2010 10:41:58 PM
Hi David,
The projector we are using [output 4] has a native resolution of 1280x768 and we have set this accordingly. The input is input 3 [dvi digital], which is a MacBook Pro outputting 1280x768 again. However on the screen we are seeing the picture appear smaller than the image should be on the projector - the analog inputs, however are scaled correctly and fill the whole screen. It seems to be when we switch the dvi input from analog to digital. We are also seeing the same smaller image appear on the monitor output [hdmi output 1]. It seems like there are black bars which squash the image - the same effect you get when you set the overscan to medium or  -- can you try to replicate this ?
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