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C90 Recording Output on 2nd Screen

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Created by: (simulated) on 03-05-2013 04:33:31 AM
Hi, We have a customer who would like to use the second output of the C90 as an input to a 3rd party streaming solution. So what he want's is to have the layout of the first screen to show people+presentation and on the second screen only people (the same people seen on screen 1). We need to do that with TC Console, which works with live layout mode. When not in live mode, the second screen is blank. I know this is caused by the codecs function to not show twice the same video/participant. Is there a way to disable that? Thanks for your feedback

Subject: RE: C90 Recording Output on 2nd Screen
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 10-05-2013 07:39:03 AM
you will be glad to hear that as of TC6.1 you can set up any of the outputs to be a type "Recorder", not just "monitor 1-4". This recorder has a separate layout that is for this purpose! So no matter if a far end site is shown on any other outputs it will also be visible on the Recorder layout.
This is available already in TC 6.1:
xConfiguration Video Output HDMI [1,3] MonitorRole: <First/Second/PresentationOnly/Recorder/Third/Fourth>
To change the recorder layout however, you will need a new version of TC Console. This will be released within the next couple of weeks...
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