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Callee and Caller Service Provider

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Created by: Michael Nelson on 06-09-2012 04:07:21 PM
The API documentation says that "If the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System cannot determine a value for this field, the value is null."
Can you provide some additional information about when the CTX is unable to determine a value or when it is able to determine a value?

Subject: RE: Callee and Caller Service Provider
Replied by: Praveen Savur on 06-09-2012 06:33:42 PM
Hi Mike,
Some instances where one of these will be null are:

For an incoming call, the caller SP will be null if
There is no cic-id when the call comes in or if the cic-id matches multiple org's and the org's have different SP's.

For an outgoing call, callee SP will be null if
Route selected is the default route.
ISDN/H323 dialout is done to an unknown endpoint.
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