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Can EOS (end of speech) timer be set for inline grammars

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Created by: null on 22-02-2005 02:30:52 AM
Or put another way, if trying to capture 5 digits via speech, no more and no less, can end of speech be set such that there is not a significant pause? Using a DTMF scenario, in a proprietry IVR, one can set the application to continue immediately on receipt of the 5th digit. Looking for an equivalent, if possible, and how, in Audium/VoiceXML.

Subject: RE: Can EOS (end of speech) timer be set for inline grammars
Replied by: null on 22-02-2005 05:44:56 PM
I believe that if you use a Digits element and you specify a min and max of 5, it will accept the entry immediately without requiring a pause to end the input. You would only introduce a pause if you gave a variable number of digits that can be entered.

Note that the Digits element does not use an inline grammar, it uses the built-in grammar of the voice browser. I am not sure what would be the behavior for an incline grammar but I suspect it would be the same. Are you referring to the inline grammar generated by the Form or Menu elements or one that a developer creates in their own custom voice element?

So with VoiceXML browsers the ability to recognize input immediately is supported.

Also, there is a VoiceXML property called "termtimeout" that allows you to tweak the amount of time the system will wait to consider this the end of DTMF input. This property will only make sense if your input was variable length.
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