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can't get tellme to see audium

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Created by: null on 24-09-2003 05:29:33 PM
I am tring to get tellme to run the hello world app and when I give it this URL:
I get the following error:
Unable to retrieve your URL for syntax checking:
404 /Audium/Server

I am running with tomcat on win 2000. Tomcat is
started and I can access it (tomcat's home page) from a web browser

I assume when i installed audium, that it installed its server
with tomcat although when tomcat starts i don't see anything about it
loading audium.

Any ideas on what i am missing?
thank you

Subject: more info
Replied by: null on 24-09-2003 06:39:58 PM
One thing I just noticed was that when I installed tomcat it
got installed to c:\pgoram files\apache group\tomcat 4.1.
It looks like audium placed all its stuff in c:\program files\apache tomcat 4.1. Could it be that the installation put stuff in the wrong place?
Should I just move everything under the audium install location under
webapps to under the webapps directory where tomcat was installed?

Subject: found problem
Replied by: null on 24-09-2003 07:18:05 PM
Yep that was it. The default location you have set up
for tomcat isn't the default location that it was installed
to. I should have caught that when I did the install, but
I assumed your software would know where tomcat was.
I installed version 4.1.24 of tomcat I believe. They
must have changed the default isntall location at some

Subject: RE: found problem
Replied by: Cheng-Dar Yang on 24-09-2003 07:34:58 PM
Yes, you will only need to copy the files from the Audium installed webapps directory to your actual tomcat/webapps directory.

When tomcat is installed, it does not create a variable specifying the location of the installed tomcat. So, short of scanning the hard drive, there is no way for Audium installer to pick out where Tomcat was installed.

At the time when this version of Audium installer was created, Tomcat 4.1.24's default install path was entered into the Audium installer. Since then, Tomcat has revised their default path. Thank you for pointing this out, as we will incorporate this change into the future versions.
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