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CCM 6.1 is not able to recognize and send DTMF to B2BUA.

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Created by: Igor Zotov on 08-07-2009 02:03:01 PM
We are testing Interoperability of our B2BUA with Cisco Call Manager 6.1,
Call made from TDM reaches Cisco Call Manager 6.1 gets routed to our B2BUA and reaches IVR application,
Wherein the IVR application prompts the user to enter DTMF input,
the Cisco Call Manager 6.1 is not able to recognise the DTMF inputs entered by the user
and also found there is no RTP flow between Cisco Call Manager 6.1 and B2BUA.
Can someone provide me inputs regarding the same?

Subject: RE: CCM 6.1 is not able to recognize and send DTMF to B2BUA.
Replied by: Bud Luck on 24-06-2010 11:34:31 AM
RTP will not flow through CUCM itself, but will flow from the TDM gateway through any intermediate media elements that may have been allocated for the call and then to the IVR application. The first step is to find where the RTP stream is flowing and ensure you have an end-to-end RTP stream from the TDM gateway to the IVR application. Once that's located, then you need to determine how DTMF was negotiated, either inband, RFC2388 or out-of-band. CUCM provides several mechanisms to negotiate and convert DTMF between the various formats. When propertly configured, CUCM can allocate Media Termination Points to convert between out-of-band and RFC2833, but this requires a hardware router such as a 2811 with DSP cards. If the TDM gateway is compatible with the IVR application (e.g. both support 2833) then an MTP isn't necessary but the signaling elements may need to be configured to negotiate 2833 end-to-end.
Bud Luck
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