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changing SmtpAddress

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Created by: Sascha Monteiro on 26-02-2012 08:09:49 PM
When I have to change someone's alias, I want to change the SmtpAddress as well (normally alias@cucserver),
but when specifying this in a PUT operation, it is accepted (well, no error) but not changed..
Is this supported? If not, should it through an error, if it is, is this a bug?

Subject: RE: changing SmtpAddress
Replied by: Ryan Ash on 26-11-2012 09:52:46 AM
I am also running into this issue.  I am running v8.5 and trying to do a put with
I get a successful return code but the value isn't changed.   It is successfully changing displayname, alias and department with the same PUT.   Any help would be appreaciated.  

Subject: Automatic reply: New Message from Ryan Ash in Cisco Unity Connection(CUC) -
Replied by: Kris Miller on 26-11-2012 09:53:48 AM
I will be out to the office thru 12/4. If your need is urgent, please contact. Brian O'Neill Thanks. Kris

Subject: Automatic reply: New Message from Ryan Ash in Cisco Unity Connection(CUC) -
Replied by: Steven Lass on 26-11-2012 09:54:48 AM

I am out of the office on business travel until Thursday, November 29.   Please contact John Truetken for any urgent issues.

Subject: RE: changing SmtpAddress
Replied by: Jeff Lindborg on 26-11-2012 10:28:28 AM
check your SMTP Proxy Address page in CUCA - you'll find the updates there.
this is by design - you can't change the SMTP address assigned by Connection to the local mailstore - that's ours, you can't touch it - if you want to add proxy addresses, you can go wild and add as many as you like. 
the "emailAddress" property is the corporate email address if that's the field you are wanting to change...

Subject: RE: changing SmtpAddress
Replied by: Ryan Ash on 27-11-2012 09:49:10 AM
Thanks for note.  A few related questions. 
Everyone one of our user accounts has a "SMTP Address" defined.  When access /vmrest/user/<userobjectid> they all have an <SmtpProxyAddressURI> but each has a zero entries.  I have only seen existing proxyaddress where I have made changes to the value via the UI.  That seems to align with the previous note from Jeff.  Proxy addresses do not exist until the existing value is modified. 
When the value is changed via the UI the old value appears to move into the /vmrest/smtpproxyaddresses and the new value can be seen a /vmrest/users/<objectid>. 
WIth our group voice mail boxes the smtp address uses a "gvm-<location code>" format.  These location codes can change and when they do I want to update the smtp address to show the updated location code.  If I understand correctly I can add/update proxy addresses but not the original (which can be changed via UI).  Any further explanation would be greatly appreciated.  Also any links to documentation on POST/PUT/DELETE methods on the proxy addresses. 
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