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Cisco Agent Desktop - Login failed

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Created by: Kohila Murugappan on 01-07-2010 01:13:51 PM
I have configured an end user in CUCM in which the user has been associated with a third party phone called X-Lite. I tried to login through Cisco Agent Desktop for the same user. But its prompting to associate the phone device with the RM JTAPI provider user. For that I mapped that device with Appliation User in CUCM. Even it is not been resolved. But I am able to login through the user controlled by IP Communicator device. I guess it could be because of SIP protocol rather than SCCP.
Any idea, what could be the reason for this error!
Kohila M.

Subject: RE: Cisco Agent Desktop - Login failed
Replied by: Bill Webb on 01-07-2010 04:03:15 PM
Hi Kohila -
This is probably not the correct forum for CTI issues - I would suggest either the CTI Development Forum here on CDC, or check the Cisco Community forums.
However, I can tell you that you've listed precisely the issue.  The Counterpath X-Lite phone is not a supported device for UCCX Agent, and I actually do believe that there are no supported SIP-based endpoints that are supported with CTI at the moment.  I could be wrong on this, however...
Most of the 79xx Series Cisco IP Phones as well as IP Communicator are supported, however, using SCCP protocol.
 - Bill
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