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Cisco (Tandberg) Video Endpoint Response to XML queries

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Created by: Eleonor Pantas on 01-11-2011 05:27:33 PM
I have a partner inquiring about Tandberg Video endpoints. Their product currently polls Tandberg video endpoints (EX-90, c90, c60, etc and the products do not always respond. The questions are as follows:
1) How many simultaneous requests can we send to an endpoint. These requests are to retrieve the various XML documents that the endpoints can return.
2) Is there any specified amount of time that the endpoints will respond by?
3) Is there situations where the endpoint will not respond to the requests.

Subject: RE: Cisco (Tandberg) Video Endpoint Response to XML queries
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 02-11-2011 01:55:40 PM
Hi Elen,
the timing is difficult to give an exact number on as it may vary depending on the load on the endpoints - multiple simultaneous calls vs idle, encrypted vs nonencrypted calls and also which software version is on the endpoints.

1) Several times (5-6) per second should be no problem.
2) No see above..
3) Only if the endpoint is flooded with requests then requests may time out. In normal situations this should not be a problem. We have not received feedback telling us the opposite, exception being endpoints with TC 3.x software where the latency on http responses was unacceptable.

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