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Cisco Telepresence CXX - Looking for Sandbox or fake API

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Created by: Jaroslav Urban on 23-01-2013 10:01:32 AM
hi there,
I aim to integrate the conference system Cisco Telepresence C40 into our application  Its written in C#. I registered in developer section at Cisco and looked for some sort of sdk or sandbox to be able integrate the product. Found nice overview at
However I missing some pieces.
1. Is there some sort of fake API which would mimic API and displays what commands are sent to API?
2. if there is no any fake, what is the way to test our implementation?
3. The link below goes to big forum at Cisco, is some section related to product I want to integrate. I can't see it.

Thanks for any suggestion or advice. Regards, Jaroslav

Subject: RE: Cisco Telepresence CXX - Looking for Sandbox or fake API
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 23-01-2013 10:14:52 AM
Hi Jaroslav,
unfortunately we don't have any SDK or sandbox to test against. Not having access to a codec during development it is going to be challenging.
I recommend that you read the how-to-integrate-guide at and combine this with the API guide on

I would then write status feedback tests where you inject fake status feedback data into your functions, something that would be a good practice for writing testable code anyway.




Subject: RE: Cisco Telepresence CXX - Looking for Sandbox or fake API
Replied by: Jaroslav Urban on 24-01-2013 03:26:51 AM
Hi David,
thanks for response. Does not make me very happy, but life is not perfect. Ok any chance there is some option to access some public installation? It works this way for some other vendors.
Would you know some .Net guys who already integrated C40 (or similar)? Didnt see much people in forum. 
Looking forward hearing from you. 
Regards, Jaroslav
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