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Cisco Unity Connection .NET REST SDK

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Created by: darrell breyer on 22-02-2013 09:45:53 AM
I am trying to update users voicemail pins via a .net c# web app.  In searching online i found the cisco unity connection .net rest sdk.  Where can i download this sdk and use in my project...

Or is there a better way to do this?
Thanks in advance

Subject: RE: Cisco Unity Connection .NET REST SDK
Replied by: Utkarsh Katiyar on 22-02-2013 09:52:21 AM
SDK and the details are present here:

Subject: RE: Cisco Unity Connection .NET REST SDK
Replied by: Jeff Lindborg on 22-02-2013 09:52:37 AM
The home page for the SDK (now with new devlopers guide in progress!) is here:
on there you'll find a link to the SubVersion repository which is open and available to the public - you just need a free SubVersion client (there's a link to what I consider to be the best and easiest - TortoiseSvn) and you can download/update the library easily - We're updating the library with new capabilities and documentation enhancements etc... a couple times a week at this point.  Getting a lot of feature requests and "can you write up how you do X?" type requests going into the dev guide so it's getting a lot of attention.
That's currently the only way we'll distribute the library - there's a little training video out there you can watch that shows how to include and use it in your project if you're not familiar with how to go about that - should get you from A to B on it.  It's not scary, I promise - the whole idea of the SDK is to make working with CUPI/CUTI way easier and less painful...
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