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CiscoIPPhoneStatus cleared when provider cnx shutdown or terminal deleted

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Created by: Jean-Marc Lacoste on 23-06-2010 06:45:22 PM
We have noticed a long time ago that when CTI provider connexion is shutdown, the CiscoIPPHoneStatus (banner) which have been pushed to the ip phones from the same server are all cleared.
More recently we have has the same issue in CTI Super provider mode, when calling the provider.deleteTerminal() method. This is a real issu are is create conflicts between applications.
As a workaround we do not deleteTerminal anymore and just stop observing and call observing. We are not sure although it really free CTI Manager resources.
Do somebody know the reason of this behavior ? Do you know a better workaround.
JM Lacoste

Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneStatus cleared when provider cnx shutdown or terminal delet
Replied by: David Staudt on 23-06-2010 10:11:12 PM
I'm not 100% sure what the intended behaviour here is, but I do believe that CiscoIPhoneStatus cannot be cleared by user intervention on the phone.  So if a Status object is up, and app performs .deleteTerminal() or exits, the user could be faced with a persistent unwanted Status object they can't get rid off without a restart.  This may explain why it is 'cleaned up' in these scenarios.
Deleting the terminal - when using Superprovider - will release all CTI/UCM resources and of course is preferred, but removing all observers only should also release the most costly resources.
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