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CIUS Endpoint security/encryption

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Created by: Michael Nolan on 15-10-2010 11:06:36 AM
Will the CIUS endpoint be securely locked or protected, once deployed -is Cisco offering or including methods to prevent the CIUS being attacked.
This would aid security or trusting onto Corporate networks, rather than having to run as a"guest" device
Hence keen to understand  -hardening or locking of real CIUS from exploits or generic Android hacks

Subject: RE: CIUS Endpoint security/encryption
Replied by: David Staudt on 29-06-2011 05:46:11 PM
One of the main advantages of Cius is intended to be extra security and platform hardening.  Such features include:
- Hardened bootloader and Android OS
- Onboard Cisco Anyconnect VPN services, admin can enable as 'always on'
- Cisco App HQ market, providing unique deep application scanning and validation for security and privacy risks
- End-user App HQ filtering to tighten allowed app permissions, or force apps to an approved white-list
- End-user admin control of side-loading/external market application access
- End-user admin control of debugging services
- Cisco secure VOIP capability and features on par with our desk phones
- Much more...
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