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CIUS XSI Application

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Created by: (simulated) on 19-05-2011 06:32:43 AM
I've a real Cius platform in front of me but I can't create a XSI Package, this menu is not available. I also notice that under settings/application the Unkown sources is greyed out.
What did I miss?

Subject: RE: CIUS XSI Application
Replied by: David Staudt on 29-06-2011 05:29:55 PM
The XSI Packager application is included in the Cius Add-on v0.2 and higher:
Please side-load this .apk onto you Cius.
Note, 'Install from unknown sources' option is controlled from the Cius's device configuration page in the UC Manager admin UI.  In order to modify this setting, you will need to register the device to a UCM and enable this option.

Subject: RE: CIUS XSI Application
Replied by: Matthew J Denapoli on 29-06-2011 08:19:44 PM
Registering your device with our RAVE environment and upgrading the firmware will enable the "Install from unknown sources" option.

Cisco provides support for registering your Cius device with our RAVE DMZ lab in Galway, Ireland Registering will trigger an automatic Cius firmware update/install to the latest recommended version. For details and support on Cius registration with RAVE, please see the Upgrade Cius Firmware page on this site

Subject: RE: CIUS XSI Application
Replied by: Matthew J Denapoli on 29-06-2011 08:52:14 PM
There is a mistake in those links:  They should be

and Upgrade Cius Firmware
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