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Codian MCU 4515 - Audio Only ICON or Picture

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Created by: Aaron Boggs on 06-11-2009 03:39:20 AM
We use the 2 of the Codian 4515 F3.0(1.5) MCUs

I would like to be able to upload and image to the codian to be used any time we have an audio only participant in a conference on the Bridge.

This would be preferred for our use cause rather then having just a black square.

It would would help other video participant understand when an audio participant is speaking, especially as we use the voice switch "Top Talker".

I don't believe that this feature exists is the current firmware, but would be a great option to include in the next release of fw.

We can upload images per user, then match on E164 for inbound audio into the Codian, but our mode is to use the Codian to dial out via SIP to an audio only bridge. This gives us great scaling options for audio participants only.


Subject: RE: Codian MCU 4515 - Audio Only ICON or Picture
Replied by: Alex Shaw on 13-11-2009 12:42:31 PM
Hi Aaron,

This sounds more like a feature request than an integration/development question to me : )

Please talk to your TANDBERG account manager/representative; this is the official process for feature requests.


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