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component from DVD/VHS decks

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Created by: henry kyburg on 31-08-2010 01:02:06 AM
-----Has anyone ever had success using a DVD/VHS deck as a source into the component input of a C90?----

I know a year ago the C90s did not recognize HDMI video from 2 different DVD decks we tried (I forget the models).

Today I am trying two models of DVD/VHS as video sources- Samsung VR357, GoVideo 594o. Neither work.

I am setting the input to YPbPr, and I have tried all the "Optimal Definition" settings.

-----Is there a list of DVD/VHS consumer decks that are known to work with the component inputs of C90s?----

Subject: RE: component from DVD/VHS decks
Replied by: Roger Boe on 31-08-2010 08:48:43 AM
Hi Henry,

1) VHS: Do the VHS player provide component output? If it does then it will most likely provide an interlaced signal which is unsupported by the C90. The C90 must be fed a progressive signal. If you can get hold of a de-interlacer this should work just fine. Most home cinema amplifiers have this functionality.

2) HDMI: HDMI from a DVD player will most likely not work due to the signal is protected by HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). As a videoconferencing codec we are not allowed to decrypt the signal and pass it on to the other side. We could display it locally, but most customers would be confused when they can see the signal locally but are unable to send it to the far end.

The work around is to use component video. Find a DVD/Blu-ray player that provide component output. Most blu-ray players are already equipped with component output that can provide a 720 progressive output signal. You should then be able to connect this to the C90 just fine.

Best regards

Subject: RE: component from DVD/VHS decks
Replied by: henry kyburg on 16-09-2010 04:14:46 PM
Thanks very much for your post.
We found that a consumer Samsung VR357 worked well.
The Go Video VR5940 does not seem to work at all.

Tandberg literature says the component input can be 480p, that is correct isn't it?

Also we are controlling our C90 at the command line and would like very much to be able to display HDCP content locally - is there a way to do that? We are installing C90s in many of our class rooms and auditoriums to use the switching / scaling abilities. Video conferencing is almost an after thought- haha!!
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