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Connecting to UCCE in duplex configuration

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Created by: Stephane Laliberte on 20-01-2010 09:37:32 PM
    In the case where we have two UCCE in duplex configuration, can we connect to anyone of them and still have all the CTI information?
    We had a problem at a client's site after a connection loss when we connected to the secondary CTI server. The connection was successful but we didn't receive any CTI information until we restarted our service application. We implemented the suggested alrorithm for establishing TCP/IP connections in the section "Side A/B Selection and TCP/IP Connections" of the reference guide. We assumed that we could connect to anyone of them and that the second would be an exact copy of the first. So I just wanted to check if there is some scenario where it could happen or if we should have received everything. 

Subject: RE: New Message from Stephane Laliberte in CTI Server Protocol (GED-188) -
Replied by: David Lender on 20-01-2010 10:58:29 PM
CTI Server side is either active or standby.  As opposed to CTIOS Server
where both are active.
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