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Courtesy Call Back Reports

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Created by: pradeep gunawardana on 06-06-2012 11:40:51 AM
Dear All,
We are using Courtesy Call Back feature in CVP comprehensive mode including ICM 8.5 and CVP 8.5.
We need to generate following reports in daily basis. It seems we can’t generate those from Courtesy CallBack Tables due to the lack of information.
Please explain us to any possibilities to archive this.

•    Count of calls which were offered the Virtual call back & the customer opted for the same
•    Count of calls which were offered the Virtual call back but the customer preferred to wait in queue
•    Count of calls which did not receive the call back due to high traffic
•    Count of customers who rejected the virtual call back when the time came for them to receive the call back
•    Average time taken for all the Virtual call back calls (end of the day)
•    CISCO Agent id of the CSR who answered the call when the Virtual Call back was executed

Subject: RE: Courtesy Call Back Reports
Replied by: Hemal Mehta on 01-07-2012 10:33:09 AM
You can get some of this information from the activity logs in CVP .  I would write a script to parse the activity logs and get this info.
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