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CTI OS - Oracle CRM Integration

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Created by: Sujin Jebakar on 17-12-2009 03:26:31 PM
Dear All,
We are currently looking at integrating Cisco CTI OS with Oracle CRM. I am unable to find a connector readily available for this. There are connectors availa for Siebel, PeopleSoft and SAP. Could you please anyone tell me if there are any APIs or connectors available now? If available, can you let me know the URL please?
Many thanks in advance.

Subject: RE: CTI OS - Oracle CRM Integration
Replied by: Adnan Ashraf on 20-12-2009 04:35:55 PM
Could you please let us know what kind of integration you are looking for (just basic call controls or doing data dips in CTI side on a new inbound call, triggering events in CRM, vice versa etc). I am assuming OracleCRM is a browser based web application?
 CTIOS thin client framework would be one readily available option. I am already working on integrating it with eGain, SalesForce and other browser based applications. It can integrate with any browser based application regardless of technology used and can fully interact with host application.
Let me know if you are interested in this. I can setup a demo for you.

Subject: RE: CTI OS - Oracle CRM Integration
Replied by: Nicolas Rodriguez on 23-12-2009 03:22:41 PM
We are looking for the same thing, but we want to Integrate CUCME to SugarCRM !
It's an hosted CRM application running under PHP technology.
Do you think that an integration for a call center is possible ? What are your recommandation for it ?
PS : I wrote this message here, because you talked about Web Browser based applications. We don't know how deep will be the integration, but we know that we have to provide the possibility to click-to-dial, but also to retrieve (in the CRM) the details from a customer by the incoming number etc.
Could you please tell me how advance is your work on that subject ?

Subject: RE: CTI OS - Oracle CRM Integration
Replied by: Sujin Jebakar on 29-12-2009 07:45:49 AM
Dear Adnan,
We are looking for just basic call controls. As you said, Oracle CRM is a browser based web application. It would be really helpful if you could setup a demo for us.
Many thanks in advance.

Subject: RE: CTI OS - Oracle CRM Integration
Replied by: Adnan Ashraf on 04-01-2010 05:52:28 PM
Happy new year!
There are many ways this type of integration can be achieved. I just finished off a ctios thin client pilot project in Portugal where it integrated with ASP based application in DoNetNuke web application. There was a fair amount of integration with the two applications (ASP and ctios thin client) hosted in two frames in a framset html object. (As you asked, we did the click to dial and display customer record on a new inbound call in host application as well).

I am familiar with SugarCRM and its PHP backend work. The easiest integration is: embed the ctios thin client application in an iframe in sugarCRM application and you would get a complete ctios web application hosted inside sugarCRM in minutes. This could be done via iframes or using a frameset.
The CTIOS thin client solution is based on HTML and DOJO (, Ajax javascript library). The beauty is that it converts proprietary CTIOS CIL APIs into JavaScript events and completely relies how far the browser Ajax technologies can take us these days. So your expert Ajax gurus can do wonders with this framework on the user interface side. Of course, you have access to server side Java code as well where can you interrupt, override CTIOS events (like onCallBegin, OnCallEnd etc). You can do data dips, call workflows, web services along the way as well.

It would be more helpful if we do a demo and do a technical review of your requirements, timeline and use cases around this integration. Please let me know if next week would be a good time to do a demo.
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