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CTI/TAPI Interface with SaaS/Web CRM/Service Portal

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Created by: Warren Shepherd on 23-03-2010 02:24:38 AM
Hi there
We've got a custom CRM/Service portal App (Based on MySQL/PHP) and we'd like to interface it with our Cisco SBCS/UC520 Setup, in an almost identical way to how the CallConnector for SalesForce works - ie desktop solution, install an app or similar on each workstation and have it show an 'interface' to that users desktop phone in the browser on the SalesForce 'page'.
I'm the 'researcher' so I have to find possible ways to do this and then talk to our in-house developer. We'd need basic call control - ie pickup/hangup/transfer/hold as well as screenpops and call logs (time/caller/etc).
Just to clarify, we're using standard deskphones - we're not looking to intergrate a softphone into the browser/crm (at this stage at least).
If anyone can point us in the right direction or give us any starting pointers, etc. i'd appreciate it.
Cheers - Warren.

Subject: RE: CTI/TAPI Interface with SaaS/Web CRM/Service Portal
Replied by: David Staudt on 23-03-2010 03:58:23 AM
TAPI or JTAPI are the right interfaces.  Typically for your kind of setup, a 'server' app will maintain the connection to Communications Manager, monitoring/controlling multiple phones on behalf of lightweight 'client' apps running on PCs or web pages.
For any kind of scale, this is a fairly complex multitasking app.  It might be worth researching existing CRM/call-center/productivity products already out there.  If you haven't seen it, the tech partner search page:
CUAE might be an interesting option too, as it provides a higher-level, integrated programming experience that might be attractive:  It provides an abstraction layer for JTAPI as well as numerous other UCM and voice product APIs.

Subject: RE: CTI/TAPI Interface with SaaS/Web CRM/Service Portal
Replied by: Nicky Clarke on 08-09-2011 06:19:38 AM
Hi Warren

Am in a similar position to you 18 months ago.

Just wondered how your project turned out??


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