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CTIOS v9 Where to purchase?

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Created by: Keith Bryan on 13-08-2013 10:00:46 AM
I work for an organisation who needs to write third party CTI software onto a Cisco UCCE using CTIOS v9.

I do not own a UCCE however. I am trying to understand where i can purchase the SDK from in the UK. having called a number of companies who couldn't help I emailed the cisco developer network, fro which I recieved the following response;

"..Could you please place your query on the CTIOS community ? You should find assistance there.
Thanks and Regards,
Mahesha Ruge B"

I wonder if anyone here is able to offer some advise as to how to precure this?

Subject: RE: CTIOS v9 Where to purchase?
Replied by: Gerard O'Rourke on 13-08-2013 10:15:29 AM
If you are a Cisco partner, you can purchase a Not For Production UC 9 bundle for $275 which includes CVP & UCCE:

not sure if you can get this if you are become a developer partner. You shoudl invesigate.


Subject: RE: CTIOS v9 Where to purchase?
Replied by: Keith Bryan on 13-08-2013 10:53:50 AM
Thanks for your advise, however once clicking the "Promotional Software Store">UC section I'm greated with the not so helpful message;

 There are no products available in this category at this time.

I'm not sure whether this is a generic message or specificly validated to my login acount. I am already a fully paid up development partner and went through IVT a couple of years ago on V8,

Any other hints?

Subject: RE: CTIOS v9 Where to purchase?
Replied by: Gerard O'Rourke on 13-08-2013 11:28:01 AM
Unified Communications 9.1 Software Partner Bundle Offer Kit (ELECTRONIC DELIVERY)
Part#: R-UC9.0-K9-NFR Rev. 0 - Release date : Mar 22 2013
Please allow 1 week for Partner Verification** This Partner Bundle is not for resale
**Can only be sold to Advanced UC Partner, Technology Development Partner and Learning Solutions Partner**

Exact link:

Above woudl suggest that a development partner would have access. Raise through your Cisco partner contact.

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