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CUMI notification subscription timeout - restricted

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Created by: Milos Pesic on 13-09-2012 01:56:38 PM
I am creating new post on the existing topic with restricted privilages in order to exclude wide audience.
Existing topic:
I implemented logic on client side - keeping session alive and periodically hitting /vmrest/mailbox?metod=subscribe in order to renew expiration time.
For testing purposes I was calling /vmrest/mailbox?metod=subscribe repeatedlly on every 2 mins (it should be called on 24h but in order to test behaviour I set period to 2 min) on existing session.
I was getting the same subscription id in response as expected but nothing changed in database - in table you specified . I was quering it periodically but expiration time was not changed at all.
Finally after 24 hours I did not receive notifications anymore.
Is there any known bug on server side which causes this behaviour?
What are you suggesting? I can recreate problem and can collect any data you will eventually need for investigation.
Cisco Unity Connection version:

Subject: RE: CUMI notification subscription timeout - restricted
Replied by: Milos Pesic on 01-10-2012 10:37:30 AM
Any updates on this one?

Subject: RE: CUMI notification subscription timeout - restricted
Replied by: Anil Singh on 14-10-2012 07:34:20 AM
Hi Milos,
As per my analysis, it seems that code returning subscription id from HTTP session itself and not updating actually in "tbl_eventservicesubscription", as it first try to get subscription id from session if not found then only go to insert record in  table.So, in your case it found subscription id in session and return to it.
So, can you share below log file for further analysis, but first enable Micro traces of VMREST and MessageEventService.
path : /var/opt/cisco/connection/log/diag_Tomcat
Anil Singh
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