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CVP 4.1 license

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Created by: Janine Graves on 05-05-2008 06:39:25 PM

I really want to start using cvp 4.1 student and vxml server in classes to demo the fabulous new features.

Are the NFR licenses now available for a reasonable price for classroom usage?

I only got to use the 4.0 licenses for a couple of months before they were outdated.

I know you've moved onto 7.0, should I just go to 7.0? Is it even released?

I can purchase my licenses thru Spanlink, but no one really seems to know what kind or version of license I should purchase.

Please help!

Thanks, Janine

Subject: Re: CVP 4.1 license
Replied by: Rajit Kumar on 23-05-2008 06:34:18 AM
your 4.0 licence will transfer over to 4.1. As fas 7.0, not sure.....

Subject: Re: CVP 4.1 license
Replied by: Ranjana Narayan on 23-05-2008 09:13:30 AM
Hi Janine,

Cisco provides CVP 7.0/4.1 NFR and evaluation kits(for 90 days) at different prices. Please access the Cisco Unified Contact Center Ordering Guide at -> Pricing and Ordering page for more detailed information. It lists out the ordering options and licensing that you might be interested in, its self explanatory.


Subject: RE: Re: CVP 4.1 license
Replied by: CARLOS G. MENDIOROZ on 02-12-2009 06:49:54 PM
the URL seems not active now. Would you have some info on how to get NFR kits ?

Subject: RE: Re: CVP 4.1 license
Replied by: CARLOS G. MENDIOROZ on 03-12-2009 01:56:18 PM
Oops, did not spot the wwwin in there.
Any chance of a public URL for NFR licensing options  ?
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