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de-activate standby on Edge95

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Created by: Andy Wander on 11-10-2011 05:32:03 PM
A customer has an Edge95 (software version F9.0.2 NTSC) that, in his words, "seems to "go to sleep" after a certain period of inactivity.  It's hard to tell, but I think the current setting is 72 hours."

Can this setting be changed, or can the codec be told never to go into standby?

Subject: RE: de-activate standby on Edge95
Replied by: John Regan on 14-10-2011 03:00:48 PM
You can turn off sleep by entering the command below using telnet:

xConfiguration Screensaver Mode: Off

The other command to set the delay before turn off is:

xConfiguration Screensaver Delay

This can be set between 1 and 480 in minutes (8 hours) so does not seem possible that this can be set to 72 hours?
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