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Created by: Vladimir Banker on 14-05-2009 07:27:08 AM
Can we get below DTMF ABCD by using TAPI API?
DTMF: A (Low: 697 Hz, High: 1633Hz)
B (Low: 770 Hz, High: 1633Hz)
C (Low: 852 Hz, High: 1633Hz)
D (Low: 941 Hz, High: 1633Hz)

Subject: RE: DTMF ABCD
Replied by: David Staudt on 14-05-2009 01:52:10 PM
According to the developer guide, the LineGenerateDigits and LineMonitorDigits functions only handle 0..9 and * #

Subject: RE: DTMF ABCD
Replied by: Vladimir Banker on 14-05-2009 02:21:07 PM
Can u as expert help which API in Cisco environment (IVR,VG,UCCX,TAPI) can be used to get not standard dtmf signals- it sends from specific hardware and it is part of standard DTMF protocol.

Subject: RE: DTMF ABCD
Replied by: David Staudt on 14-05-2009 08:06:31 PM
Some additional consultation with the TSP team indicates that the TSP likely will pass ABCD through, despite the documentation.  It is unclear whether this will be passed up through the CTI and call processing layers and make it to external voice gateway signaling, but it may worth a try.
If it works, you would have to note: as 'undocumented' behaviour, the capability is not covered by Cisco engineering test, and could be removed/break during any release.  Formal testing/support (and documentation updates) would be handled via an enhancement request.
I've forwarded this item to some additional folks who may have info on whether gateway-based automation might be able to do this.  For guaranteed response from the proper Cisco engineering team (though perhaps not a guaranteed solution to the problem!) please consider joining the Cisco Developer Services program:
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